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2020 Environmental Scan

B.E. Smith Team | January 13, 2020

B.E. Smith is honored to sponsor the 2020 American Hospital Association Environmental Scan, which provides crucial information on the healthcare industry. The report will highlight changes you can expect to see in health and wellbeing, insurance coverage, technological advancements in medicine, and much more. The findings provided in this publication will help your organization understand how to adapt to the changing marketplace.

As one of the most discussed topics by media and lawmakers, healthcare is a vital component to our lives. Being informed on this topic should be a top priority for individuals as well as organizations.

As a member of AMN Healthcare, B.E. Smith takes all of these factors into consideration when matching healthcare leaders to the perfect role. Our unique and personalized methodology successfully places C-suite leaders, executives, and directors in finance, operations, nursing, and physician management.

B.E. Smith is committed to helping healthcare leaders like you who are looking for a chance to make an immediate and lasting impact, pairing them with leading healthcare systems and facilities that are committed to giving the highest quality of care.

We are proud to have sponsored this resource for you and your organization since 2014. AHA has once again assembled an all-inclusive collection of information that should give you profound insight on the state of healthcare as we head into a new decade. We look forward to what the future has in store.

Complete the form on our website to download a copy, or visit to download a copy from the AHA.

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