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B.E. Smith Introduces Project Recruitment Model

June 17, 2019

B.E. Smith is partnering with healthcare organizations to develop innovative, customizable recruiting models.

B.E. Smith is always looking for innovative ways to enhance its recruiting model. In partnering with organizations around the country and finding customizable solutions to suit their needs, the executive search firm has implemented another recruiting tool to help deliver the best healthcare leaders to the nation’s top organizations: Project Recruitment

Project Recruitment is an ideal solution for healthcare organizations that need to expand the depth and breadth of their candidate sourcing. This recruiting model is based on a package of multiple simultaneous searches, allowing clients to fill multiple positions in a short timeframe and search firms to better understand the needs of their clients.

Key Features of Project Recruitment

Project Recruitment relies on packaging multiple jobs together and filling several positions at once. B.E. Smith found recent success with this model helping an organization find three hospital Associate Chief Nursing Officers and a Senior Director of Perioperative Services. 

The organization was highly satisfied with the quality of candidates B.E. Smith presented, then added four more positions to fill: Clinical Director, Emergency Services; Director, Emergency Services; Clinical Director, Emergency Services; and Director, Emergency Services. B.E. Smith had candidates in front of the client for each search within 40 days.

Mick Ruel, B.E. Smith VP of Senior Executive Search, played an integral role, working with the client's corporate HR at a global level. B.E. Smith found success by spending time with the organization, understanding the culture, and developing a customized process.

“By looking outside of a single search, we were able to forge a better overall partnership between the organization and B.E. Smith and adjust to each other’s needs along the way," Ruel said. "This was crucial early on as we were able to iron out issues when they arose.”

Though details may change depending on client needs, the Project Recruitment process is as follows:

  • The Project Leader provides overall project management, including monthly governance calls and weekly progress updates for key stakeholders to ensure timely and transparent communications.
  • Individual recruiters are assigned to the project based on the specialties of the leadership openings to ensure alignment of recruiting expertise.
  • Following a kick-off call for each position, recruitment goals include the presentation of qualified, interested, and available (QIA) candidates for each open leadership position.
  • All candidates presented have gone through standard vetting requirements, to include reference and background checks.
  • Cost-effective service model aligns monthly project management and recruiter resource fees with performance-based payments tied to successful candidate placement milestones.
  • Replacement search guarantees extended on any placed candidates.

Project Recruitment_Governance Model

The Project Recruitment Process

B.E. Smith, with its robust pipeline and national reach for finding quality healthcare candidates, can serve as an extension of organizations’ recruiting efforts. And for organizations who want to make the best decision for the long-term benefit of their organization, expanding their reach offers the best chance to find the ideal candidate.

  • B.E. Smith’s Project Recruitment solution utilizes a proven, flexible approach to support a high volume of leadership recruiting needs while delivering results within a defined engagement timeframe.
  • Utilizing a project-based orientation over the length of the engagement, B.E. Smith partners with your Hiring Managers and Talent Acquisition team to source, vet, and present the most qualified candidates and support a full recruitment cycle to lead to successful hiring. 
  • B.E. Smith Project Recruitment recruiting resources are based on specialty and experience to deliver the right candidates within the right timeframes.

Project Recruitment_5

Specifically, the recruiting model can help organizations in the following situations:

  1. Your organization has a high volume of mid-level leadership openings that need to be filled within an identified timeframe. 
  2. Your Talent Acquisition team is supporting a critical mass of overall recruitment needs and is unable to allocate the time and resources required to manage the full-cycle recruitment processes for multiple leadership roles.
  3. Your Recruiters lack the subject matter expertise and specialization to reach candidate pools for the breadth of leadership positions that are open. 

By implementing Project Recruitment into its executive search services, B.E. Smith has positioned itself to build stronger relationships with its clients while exhibiting its strength in finding high-caliber candidates on a national level. B.E. Smith is hoping to implement this customizable search model more frequently, helping many other organizations augment their talent recruitment process in innovative ways.

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