Trusted Advisors, Experienced Consultants

Trusted Executive Healthcare Advisors

In today’s fast paced, rapidly changing industry, time is a luxury most organizations simply cannot afford. When faced with a clinical or financial challenge, healthcare executives need to take action immediately. They need a trusted advisor who can assist in identifying and implementing the right solution quickly and effectively, reducing risk to the organization. As the industry’s top leadership solutions firm, B.E. Smith’s  Advisory Services team has the resources and experience to help your organization across a wide range of areas, including:

  • Financial Performance
  • Operational Enhancement
  • Productivity Improvement
  • Strategic Consulting
  • Leadership Development & Mentoring
  • Regulatory Compliance
  • Department Review


Leading Your Organization to Improved Outcomes

When you partner with B.E. Smith you gain a team of proven and highly experienced healthcare consultants. A B.E. Smith executive advisor, with more than 20 years of healthcare leadership experience, will lead your project. They will customize the approach to address your specific needs and will guide your team by prioritizing initiatives and driving accountability. Additionally, your advisor will be supported by a regional healthcare expert as well as in-house B.E. Smith consultants. These healthcare leaders ensure your organization receives the best value and outcomes.

Innovative Solutions that Achieve Results Quickly

Each Advisory Services project begins with a rapid assessment to evaluate the assignment. Your executive healthcare advisor will identify opportunities and recommendations which can be immediately addressed. The advisor will develop an action plan, guiding and supporting your team to execute improvements. The Advisory Services methodology offers these additional benefits:

  • Achieve results within weeks or months, traditionally faster than larger consulting projects
  • Work within the constraints of existing budgets or resources
  • Access to best practices and innovative solutions
  • Trusted advisor educates your leaders and workforce on how to sustain improvements

Preparing Your Organization for Tomorrow’s Opportunities

Don’t try to navigate this uncertain healthcare environment alone. B.E. Smith’s  proven healthcare consultants are available to help you enhance strategic practices, contain costs and deliver high quality care. Addressing today’s challenges will position your organization to capitalize on tomorrow’s opportunities.

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