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Industry Trends Modern Healthcare Ranks B.E. Smith as the Top Executive Search Firm for Fourth Consecutive Year

For the fourth year in a row, Modern Healthcare has ranked B.E. Smith as healthcare's top executive search firm. Recognition only made possible thanks to the continued support and trust of hospital and healthcare providers. Click "Download" or "Read More" to view the infographic.

Industry Trends Nurse Leaders Explore Five High-Impact Themes at AONE 2018

The 2018 AONE Annual Meeting provided clinical executives an opportunity to share experiences, learn best practices, and network. This B.E. Smith executive brief highlights five themes at this year’s conference which are critical to Chief Nursing Officers and clinical executives.

Industry Trends Four Critical Lessons from the Becker’s Hospital Review Annual Conference

The Becker's Hospital Review Annual Conference once again provided a broad mix of informative and insightful presentations. Healthcare thought leaders and experts shared best practices and discussed a range of issues. B.E. Smith attended and spoke at the conference. This report highlights key takeaways across four primary themes which garnered much attention at this year's event.

Industry Trends Embracing Action at AORN 2018

The 2018 AORN Surgical Conference offered perioperative nurses and leaders an opportunity to explore critical issues and trends in healthcare. This B.E. Smith executive brief highlights several of the strategies and takeaways shared during the conference which are vital for clinical executives, surgical leaders, and perioperative nurses.

Industry Trends Healthcare Leaders Tackle the Future and Change at ACHE Congress

The American College of Healthcare Executives (ACHE) Congress provided extensive coverage of management, clinical, and technology topics. This B.E. Smith executive brief highlights five particularly noteworthy themes that are paramount to healthcare executives. 

Industry Trends 2018 Healthcare Trends Infographic

The demand for experienced healthcare executives has never been higher, as organizations seek leaders who can navigate a wide range of challenges. B.E. Smith's infographic, Top 12 Healthcare Trends for 2018, insights into how key issues and trends will shape leadership, recruitment, retention, and career management in the healthcare industry. The infographic provides information on key industry disrupters and changes, executive engagement and retention, as well as leadership development.

Industry Trends Exploring the Benefits of Leadership Diversity

Workforce and leadership diversity in healthcare has been in the spotlight for some time now. However, the attention on Diversity is shifting. As this B.E. Smith industry report explains, workforce diversity is showing promising signs as a tool to help healthcare organization's drive improved patient care and financial outcomes.

Industry Trends Creating a Leadership Roadmap, the Essential Elements of Leadership Development

Leadership development is no longer a luxury, but a necessity for organizational success. Organization who do not commit to leadership development increase the risk for costly turnover. This B.E. Smith industry examines the positive impact development programs have on turnover. It also outlines the essential elements of a successful leadership development program. 

Industry Trends The Future of Leadership in Healthcare

Strong leadership has always been important for healthcare organizations, but in today’s competitive environment it is critical. Disruptions are emerging from every corner of the industry, placing considerable demands on healthcare leaders. This B.E. Smith industry report explains how external and internal factors are not only impacting today’s executives, but shaping tomorrow’s leaders.

Industry Trends Costly Risks of Employee Misclassification

Right now there are healthcare executives who may not be aware of a significant financial risk that exists within their organization's workforce. A growing number of organizations are utilizing contract solutions to strengthen leadership or reduce staffing vacancies. This B.E. Smith industry report explains why, if structured improperly, this workforce solution can expose an organization to considerable financial and legal risk.

Career Management Starting a New Career Opportunity: Strategies for Success

When starting a new career opportunity nothing is more important than making a strong first impression. For executive, getting off to a successful start is critical. This B.E. Smith career report offers strategies that heighten your chances for success when starting a new job.