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Industry Trends 2022 AHA Environmental Scan

The 2022 AHA Environmental Scan provides you with the key insights to think strategically about COVID's impact on the healthcare industry, and plan for a near and long-term future.

Industry Trends
Practice Perspective: Navigating the New CFO Landscape

B.E. Smith’s Vice President, Sandy Cugliotta, discusses the new CFO landscape from the healthcare system to the candidate. This Practice Perspective summarizes the changes, challenges, and development strategies affecting today’s CFO. Click "Read more" or "Download" to access the practice perspective.

Industry Trends
Building Leadership Strength: Executive Workforce Intelligence 2019

B.E. Smith’s Executive Workforce Intelligence White Paper summarizes key findings and delivers actionable insights regarding executive workforce trends, challenges, and strategies in the healthcare industry. The white paper explores the impacts on key initiatives of recruitment, retention, engagement, and leadership development. Click "Read more" or "Download" to access the free white paper.

Industry Trends
Technology’s Broad Impact Explored at Becker’s Health IT Conference

This B.E. Smith executive brief explores four key themes during the 2019 Becker’s Health IT + Clinical Leadership + Pharmacy specialty conference. The brief, Technology’s Broad Impact Explored at Becker’s Health IT Conference, shares key strategies and insights from select presentations at the conference. The takeaways provided executives timely perspectives on IT’s strategic, clinical, and operational implications. Click "Read more" or "Download" to access the free brief.

Industry Trends
Culture, Competencies, Work Environment, Technology in Focus at AONE

The 2019 AONE Annual Meeting explored a range of pressing issues and trends facing the profession. The research-based insights and advice were impressive. B.E. Smith summarizes four key takeaways for nurse leaders in this executive brief. To access the report click "Download" or "Read More."

Industry Trends
Technology Impact on Healthcare and HR

Technology Impact on Healthcare and HR Industry Report highlights several technologies exerting major impact on healthcare in general and HR in particular. Technology is critical to reducing cost, improving quality, achieving health at the population level, and ushering in long-run innovations such as personalized medicine. HR is being impacted and has the opportunity to position itself in the vanguard of organizational change through technology-enabled recruiting, leadership development, and strategy. To access the report click "Download" or "Read More."

Industry Trends
Four Themes from the 2019 Becker’s Conference

The Becker's Hospital Review Annual Conference provided a broad mix of informative and insightful presentations. Healthcare thought leaders and experts shared best practices and discussed a range of issues. This executive brief highlights key takeaways across four primary themes which garnered much attention at this year's event. To access the executive brief for free, click "Download" or "Read More."

Industry Trends
Practice Perspective: The Changing CNO Role

B.E. Smith’s Vice President, Angie Dale, discusses the existing role of the CNO in the healthcare industry today and the four fundamental transitions characterized in the evolving CNO role. The practice perspective provides insights to required skills and competencies needed, along with recruitment and development strategies for the changing CNO role. Click "Read more" or "Download" to access the practice perspective.

Industry Trends
Margin Improvement, Consumerism, Telehealth, Leadership Development Highlight ACHE 2019

The American College of Healthcare Executives (ACHE) Congress provided extensive coverage on margin improvement, consumerism, telehealth, and leadership development. This B.E. Smith executive brief highlights four particularly noteworthy themes that are paramount to healthcare executives. To access the executive brief for free, click "Download" or "Read More."

Industry Trends
Diversity in Healthcare Leadership

Diversity in Healthcare Leadership white paper addresses where the industry stands and the five major types of diversity that demand attention from leaders. Learn what forces are intersecting to make diversity and inclusion an even greater necessity. B.E. Smith’s Diversity in Healthcare Leadership white paper helps us understand the barriers within diversity and explains why recruiting, leadership development, and organizational commitment are foundational strategies to producing positive diversity outcomes. To access the white paper for free, click "Download" or "Read More."

Industry Trends
Top 11 Healthcare Trends for 2019

The demand for experienced healthcare executives has never been higher, as organizations seek leaders who can navigate a wide range of challenges on the healthcare landscape. B.E. Smith's infographic, Top 11 Healthcare Trends for 2019, focuses on key issues and trends that will shape leadership, recruitment, retention, and career management in the healthcare industry. The infographic provides information on key industry disrupters and changes, executive engagement and retention, leadership development, as well as emerging roles. To access the infographic for free, click "Download" or "Read More."