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2019 Environmental Scan

B.E. Smith Team | December 13, 2018

The 2019 AHA Environmental Scan provides insight about market forces and trends that have a high probability of affecting the healthcare industry. By understanding the current climate and direction of health in America, healthcare executives can effectively shape the delivery system of the future.

This year's environmental scan examines trends in the key focus areas of access, well-being, value, partners, innovation and coordination, and impact and landscape of hospitals and health systems. More specifically, healthcare executives will find insights in the following:

  • Coverage (Medicaid, 340B drug savings program, health insurance marketplaces enrollment, coverage outlook and beyond)
  • Affordability (High-deductible health plans, national health expenditures, cost of regulation, prescription drugs, energy consumption)
  • Workforce (Physician shortage and burnout, regulatory compliance, Nursing shortage, artificial intelligence and automation)
  • Well-being (Community needs, health factors and outcomes, social networks, mental health, opioids, and diabetes)
  • Value (Accountable care organizations, community health, low-value care, and hospital-acquired condition rates)
  • Consumerism (Patient engagement, Telemedicine, Cybersecurity, Diversity)
  • Partners (Access to care, virtual care, diversity in medicine, and population shifts)
  • Innovation and Coordination (Apps, health data, smart speakers, genetic data, technology and cost efficiency, and digital innovation)
  • Impact and Landscape of Hospitals and Health Systems (economic impact, hospital field realignment, rural hospitals, and cybersecurity)

It is essential healthcare executives stay focused and effectively manage change. These traits help navigate the road ahead. Today's healthcare leaders have the opportunity to shape the future of the industry and positively influence the shared commitment to drive improved patient care and healthy communities. Click "Download" or "Read More" to access the 2019 Environmental Scan.

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