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C-Suite Interim Leadership: 5 Strategic Benefits for Healthcare Organizations

B.E. Smith Team | August 16, 2017

A growing number of healthcare organization are utilizing interim C-suite executives to effectively manage vacancies in senior leadership while simultaneously providing critical leadership and advancing key strategic initiatives. As the industry leader for C-suite interim leadership, B.E. Smith advises dozens of organizations on successfully implementing interim leaders and the factors to consider before the start of an engagement. This industry report offers perspectives on C-suite Interim Leadership, including the short and long-term benefits this strategy can produce.To access the free report click "Read more" below or click on the "Download" button to the right.

Interim Benefits

Healthcare organizations that have successfully deployed C-level interim leaders can attest to the power and multiple benefits this strategy delivers. When asked to identify the leading gains derived from overall use of interim leadership, respondents to the Interim Intelligence Survey provided several benefits including:

  • Provide immediate expertise
  • Drive transformational change
  • Supply stability
  • Maintain strategic momentum
  • Promote leadership development

Interim C-Suite: Critical Leadership for Strategic Initiatives

Utilizing C-suite Interim Leadership can satisfy many organizational objectives and produce a range of important benefits. Interim Leadership provides a solid alternative to maintaining a vacancy or assigning an internal leader who may already be overburdened. To access the free report click "Read more" below or click on the "Download" button to the right.

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