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Executive Compensation White Paper 2019

B.E. Smith Team | October 28, 2019

B.E. Smith’s Executive Compensation Intelligence Report White Paper provides an annual look at the current status of important talent management topics such as executive compensation trends, challenges, and strategies in the healthcare industry. The white paper explores the direct and indirect impact executive compensation has on the key initiatives of talent management, employee engagement, and organizational success. Click "Read more" or "Download" to access the free white paper.

The white paper provides detailed information into the following areas of executive compensation:

  • Current executive compensation picture
  • Gender pay equity
  • Strategic alignment
  • Compensation’s role in recruitment
  • Compensation’s role in retention and engagement

The Executive Compensation Intelligence Report White Paper showcases new statistics and insights that bring light to the current healthcare executive compensation landscape. Evaluating this information can provide meaningful direction to improve executive compensation strategy and its effectiveness on organizational recruitment, retention, and staff engagement. Click "Read more" or "Download" to access the free white paper. 

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