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Industry Trends 2020 Healthcare Trends Revisited

The annual Healthcare Leadership Intelligence Report from AMN Leadership Solutions is one of our most popular reports. The 2020 version published in January was no exception. Since that time, of course, the coronavirus crisis has altered the healthcare landscape dramatically. We felt it would be helpful to leaders and planners to revisit the earlier report to assess the impact of the crisis. Featuring fresh research and analysis, we evaluated each trend to determine what’s changed, deferred, or remained intact. Click "Read more" or "Download" to access the free white paper.

Industry Trends 2019 Environmental Scan

The 2019 AHA Environmental Scan provides insight about market forces and trends that have a high probability of affecting the healthcare industry. By understanding the current climate and direction of health in America, healthcare executives can effectively shape the delivery system of the future.

Industry Trends An Update on Clinical Leadership Trends

An Update on Clinical Leadership Trends responds to emerging healthcare models by organizations who are transforming financially, operationally, and clinically. This B.E. Smith industry report explores six key trends. It highlights why clinical leadership increasingly important, the state of clinical leadership, continuing challenges, leadership competencies, emerging roles, and clinical leadership development strategies. Click "Read more" or "Download" to access the free report.

Industry Trends Executive Brief: Four Strategic Topics in Focus at Becker’s CEO & CFO Roundtable

Becker’s Hospital Review’s 2018 CEO + CFO Roundtable brings healthcare’s top senior executive together to discuss pressing issues in care quality, finance, and operations. This B.E. Smith executive brief explores four key themes during this year’s conference. It highlights challenges and strategies healthcare leaders shared as part of their conference presentations. Key topics include opportunities to advance value-based care, methods to build a high-performance organization, and optimal financial strategies to confront security threats. Click "Read more" or "Download" to access the free report.

Industry Trends Interim Intelligence Report: Exploring The Latest Developments

The annual B.E. Smith Interim Intelligence Survey is complete and once again provides a wealth of insights from hundreds of current and former interim healthcare leaders as well as the organizations that utilize them. Titled Interim Intelligence Report: Exploring The Latest Developments, the latest B.E. Smith white paper presents significant findings and several recommendations to guide organizations in understanding the role played by Interim Leadership. 

Industry Trends B.E. Smith Ranked Healthcare’s Top Senior Executive Recruitment Firm

Modern Healthcare’s 2018 annual report once again named B.E. Smith the top-ranked healthcare executive search firm in the United States. It is the third consecutive year, and seventh time since 2009, that B.E. Smith has topped the list as the best healthcare executive search firm in the country. This infographic provides more detailed information in B.E. Smith's executive search ranking and senior executive healthcare placements in 2017.

Industry Trends Executive Insights: Strategic Advantages of C-Suite Interim Leadership

Whether responding to an executive leadership vacancy or seeking immediate, experienced leadership to address key initiatives, a growing number of healthcare organizations are leveraging C-Suite Interim Leadership. This industry report highlights how organization are utilizing C-Suite Interim Leaders to deliver improved clinical, financial, and operational performance.


Industry Trends Leadership Development: Building the Next Generation of Leaders

What healthcare trends are having the greatest influence on future leaders? How can an organization create and implement development programs to strengthen its leadership from within? This new B.E. Smith industry report offers strategies and best practices in these areas and more.

Industry Trends Strengthening Leadership by Leveraging the 4 Pillars of Talent Management

What factors are driving healthcare's elevated turnover rates? What are organizations doing to retain and develop internal talent? How are organizations attracting and recruiting the right leaders? Discover answers to these questions and more in this white paper highlights key findings from B.E. Smith's 2018 Executive Workforce Intelligence Survey.

Industry Trends Nurse Leaders Explore Five High-Impact Themes at AONE 2018

The 2018 AONE Annual Meeting provided clinical executives an opportunity to share experiences, learn best practices, and network. This B.E. Smith executive brief highlights five themes at this year’s conference which are critical to Chief Nursing Officers and clinical executives.

Industry Trends Four Critical Lessons from the Becker’s Hospital Review Annual Conference

The Becker's Hospital Review Annual Conference once again provided a broad mix of informative and insightful presentations. Healthcare thought leaders and experts shared best practices and discussed a range of issues. B.E. Smith attended and spoke at the conference. This report highlights key takeaways across four primary themes which garnered much attention at this year's event.