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Industry Trends 2020 Healthcare Trends Revisited Infographic

AMN Healthcare’s recently published 2020 Healthcare Trends Revisited report examines the impact the coronavirus crisis has had on the major trends we identified at the beginning of the year in our AMN Healthcare Leadership Intelligence Report. Click here to view the 2020 Healthcare Trends Revisited Infographic that presents a selection of important findings from our research and analysis under seven categories: Economics Dominating, Focus on Growth, Culture Key to Success, Clinician Engagement Issues, Retention, Recruitment, and Leadership Development.



Industry Trends Salary Boost Healthcare Executive Compensation Trends (Infographic)

B.E. Smith's infographic, Salary Boost: Healthcare Executive Compensation Trends, offers insights into how executive compensation impacts recruitment, retention, and engagement. The infographic provides information on average increase in executive compensation, where compensation alignment is needed within organizations, what elements of compensation healthcare professionals say are the most important to them, as well as how compensation influences their decision to join or leave an organization.

Industry Trends Executive Brief: Four Timely Themes from the Becker’s Hospital Review CEO + CFO Roundtable

Becker’s Hospital Review’s 2017 CEO + CFO Roundtable brings healthcare’s top senior executive together to discuss pressing issues in care quality, finance, and operations. This B.E. Smith executive brief explores four key themes during this year’s conference. It highlights challenges and strategies healthcare leaders shared as part of their conference presentations. Key topics include the role organizational culture plays in achieving strategic initiatives, developing current and future leaders for the changing healthcare landscape, strategies to advance your population health management, and how big data can help healthcare leaders improve decision-making. Click "Read more" or "Download" to access the free report. 

Industry Trends Executive Compensation: Leadership Trends and Strategies for Organizational Success

B.E. Smith’s Healthcare Executive Compensation Intelligence Report summarizes key findings and delivers actionable insights regarding executive compensation trends, challenges, and strategies in the healthcare industry.

Industry Trends 2018 Environmental Scan

The 2018 AHA Environmental Scan provides insight about market forces and trends that have a high probability of affecting the healthcare industry. By understanding the current climate and direction of health in America, healthcare executives can effectively shape the delivery system of the future.

Industry Trends HR’s Changing Role in Focus at ASHHRA 2017

The changing role or healthcare human resources was the primary focus at the 2017 American Society for Healthcare Human Resources Administration (ASHHRA) Annual Conference. Healthcare executives and thought leaders highlighted the strategic, tactical, and technological transformation which is currently underway and influencing the role of HR leaders. This B.E. Smith executive brief examines five key themes and actionable insights which garnered much attention at this year’s conference. 

Industry Trends B.E. Smith Named Healthcare's Top Search Firm 2017 Infographic

B.E. Smith is once again the number one ranked healthcare executive search firm. This infographic provides information on Modern Healthcare's annual ranking. Learn how B.E. Smith earned the title of healthcare's top senior executive recruitment firm in healthcare for the second consecutive year.

Industry Trends NURSE EXECUTIVE SURVEY: Clinical Leadership Trends & Strategies

The effective recruitment and development of healthcare executive nurse leadership continues to be a strategic priority in managing the transformation to new care delivery models. AMN Healthcare recently surveyed chief nursing officers and senior nurse executives regarding their leadership roles. This B.E. Smith industry report explores key trends and opportunities in nurse leadership, workforce management, and staffing. 

Industry Trends C-Suite Interim Leadership: 5 Strategic Benefits for Healthcare Organizations

A growing number of healthcare organization are utilizing Interim C-suite executives to effectively manage vacancies in senior leadership while simultaneously providing critical leadership and advancing key strategic initiatives. This B.E. Smith industry report offers perspectives on C-suite Interim Leadership, including the short and long-term benefits this strategy can and is producing for healthcare organizations.

Industry Trends 2017 Interim Intelligence Index Infographic

The need for experienced healthcare leadership is reaching critical levels. Increasing turnover rates and an exodus of current executives is creating a leadership vacuum across the industry. This infograph details specific insights and benefits healthcare organizations are achieving through the use of B.E. Smith Interim Leadership. 

Industry Trends Executive Brief: Five Actionable Strategies from AWHONN 2017

The 2017 AWHONN Annual Meeting explored a variety of topics under the theme, "energize and support nurses to translate knowledge into action." Nurse leaders gathered to discuss a wide range of challenges, including building leadership competencies, increasing retention, improving care through patient-centered cultural sensitivity, promoting a healthy nurse work environment, and minimizing nurse liability risk. This B.E. Smith executive brief offers insights into these discussions and the key takeaways shared at the meeting.