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Interim and Permanent Emergency Department Opportunities

EMS Director Jobs and Management Positions are in high demand in the fast-paced world of healthcare. At B.E. Smith, we have our finger on the pulse of emergency department jobs and can help you find your next best position.

Whether you are looking for your next career move in one of our permanent positions across the country or seeking new challenges in a temporary capacity as an interim Director of Emergency Services, B.E. Smith offers ample opportunities to find the right fit for your goals 

Emergency Department Director Duties

The Emergency Department Director is a critical leader within any acute care facility. Serving as the typical initial entry point, ED leaders are a valuable resources in delivering exceptional patient care in a constantly moving environment. This leader will be quick to resolve issues with throughput, reduce turnover, build strong physician relationships, and ensuring the department can sustain and meet growing patient volumes.

The Emergency Department Director can handle both the clinical and interpersonal side of the unit, focusing on staff development, improving employee morale, providing educational growth, and emphasizing recruitment and retention. The ideal leader will stabilize the department on all fronts, running an assessment of current operations and determining action plans to address weaknesses.

Where will your next Emergency Service opportunity take you?

Whether you’re looking to take the next step in your healthcare career or if you want a change in scenery, take a look at our job board to view open Emergency Department Director positions - B.E. Smith frequently adds new EMS Director and other healthcare jobs. For a complete list of opportunities, click here

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