100% of CEO recruitments completed on first candidate panel.

CEO Recruiting and Senior Healthcare Executive Search

Senior Executive Search Team

  • Mark Madden, Senior Vice President, Senior Executive Search
    Mark Madden
    Senior Vice President
    With more than 25 years of senior healthcare executive search experience, Mr. Madden is skilled at leading healthcare providers through the recruitment process.
  • Laura Musfeldt, Vice President, Senior Executive Search
    Laura Musfeldt
    Vice President
    A former healthcare executive, Ms. Musfeldt leads the national recruitment of senior healthcare leaders for B.E. Smith clients, including CEOs, CIOs, CMOs and CMIOs.
  • Lydia Ostermeier, Vice President, Senior Executive Search
    Lydia Ostermeier
    Vice President
    Ms. Ostermeier is a veteran healthcare executive search leader with a successful track record of identifying and recruiting top CEO, COO, CNO and CHRO professionals.

The healthcare industry is experiencing record turnover in senior leadership positions. Mergers and acquisitions, the retirement of baby boomers and executive transitions are just a few of the reasons why an increasing number of healthcare providers are turning to B.E. Smith for assistance with Chief Executive Officer, Chief Operating Officer, Chief Financial Officer, Chief Nursing Officer and Chief Human Resource Officer executive recruitment.

Selecting a new senior executive is one of the most important initiatives an organization will face. Choosing an executive partner with the resources and track record in recruiting top leadership talent is critical. When it comes to healthcare executive recruitment, no one does it better. B.E. Smith has one of the best reputations for healthcare executive search, recently conducting more than 800 senior-level executive recruitments. Your organization will benefit from B.E. Smith’s extensive network of healthcare professionals, balanced with both proven executives and new emerging leaders. This combination of experience and a vast network is why Modern Healthcare has once again named B.E. Smith among the top healthcare executive search firms in the nation.


Senior Executive Search Led By Senior Healthcare Executives

When you partner with B.E. Smith to find your next senior executive, you will be working with a nationally recognized team with the foremost experience in healthcare recruitment. A former senior healthcare executive, with more than 20 years of healthcare experience, will lead the recruitment for your future CEO, COO, CFO, CNO or CHRO leader. Their prior experience leading in the hospital setting gives them a unique understanding of your situation. Additionally, it provides your senior search partner with the ability to evaluate candidates based on leadership competencies for both current and future success. B.E. Smith’s senior executive recruitment team will work effectively through your search with unparalleled efficiency and tailor the recruitment process to meet your needs.


Recruitment Customized to Find Your Ideal Candidate

B.E. Smith’s proven methodology is often described as high touch and high tech. Utilizing a concierge service approach, a dedicated recruitment team will build a strong relationship with your organization. The process begins with a comprehensive understanding or your organization’s culture and the experience, qualifications and the contemporary executive skills and competencies required in your next leader. Once these parameters are defined, an assessment is developed and utilized to evaluate potential candidates. B.E. Smith senior search leaders will utilize advanced technology to interview and vet all top-tier candidates. A panel of highly-qualified candidates will be presented to your organization. You will receive detailed personal profiles on each candidate, outlining their executive experience and leadership characteristic. B.E. Smith will continue to support your organization by coordinating interviews, facilitating offer negotiations and assisting in the onboarding processes. The result is a process that consistently delivers the shortest recruitment timelines and successful outcomes. In fact, B.E. Smith has completed 100% of CEO recruitments on first panel.


Committed to Your Success

B.E. Smith is committed to identifying dynamic, accomplished leaders who match your organizations culture. The search for your next senior executive leader is our top priority. In today’s healthcare environment, an increasing emphasis is being placed on quality outcomes and performance. B.E. Smith believes healthcare search firms should be held to the same standard. As your dedicated partner, B.E. Smith is proud to offer a unique performance-based fee structure and the longest guarantee in the industry. Your organization also benefits by partnering with a firm that can deliver the full range of leadership services. Utilizing B.E. Smith’s Interim Leadership services in conjunction with your executive recruitment creates a powerful combination which provides both immediate and long-term solutions.

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