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Fresh Insights on Interim Leadership: Strategies for Success

B.E. Smith Team | July 07, 2017

The annual B.E. Smith Interim Intelligence Survey is complete and once again provides a wealth of insights from hundreds of current and former interim healthcare leaders as well as the organizations that utilize them. Titled Fresh Insights on Interim Leadership: Strategies for Success, the latest B.E. Smith white paper presents significant findings and several recommendations to guide organizations in understanding the opportunities, considerations, and strategies for Interim Leadership.

Key topics highlighted in the white paper include:

  • The value Interim Leadership brings organizations
  • How organizations are utilizing interim leaders to drive initiatives and achieve results
  • Best practices for managing an interim leadership engagement
  • Measuring the success of an interim leadership engagement

Fresh Insights on Interim Leadership: Strategies for Success provides a fresh perspective on the goals and benefits this important workforce strategy delivers healthcare organizations and leaders. To access your free copy of the white paper click "download" in the upper right corner or "read more" below.

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