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Strengthening Leadership by Leveraging the 4 Pillars of Talent Management

B.E. Smith Team | May 28, 2018

This B.E. Smith white paper provides insights from the 2018 Executive Workforce Intelligence survey. More than 400 healthcare leaders shared their experiences and expectations on talent management. To read what fellow healthcare executives are saying and thinking in regards to healthcare workforce strategies, click "Read more" or "Download."

This report includes key highlights in Recruitment, Retention, Engagement, and Leadership development. Specific areas of focus include:

  • Turnover and Motivating Factors 
  • Recruiting Plans, Methods, and Results
  • Utilization of Assessments
  • Focus on Workforce Diversity
  • Leadership Development Initiatives

Discover what healthcare executives say about the four pillars of effective talent management. Learn how healthcare organizations are targeting passive candidates when seeking new talent. Gain insights into how organizations are utilizing assessments in the hiring process. Click "Read more" or "Download" to access the free report.

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